University of Gondar Number One Once Again

It has been an incredible 2016 budget year for the University of Gondar. The accolades acquired thus far surpass the achievements gained from previous years. That being said, from the top tier universities in the country the University of Gondar has taken the highest award. In fact this award encompasses an all around superiority in many categories. It is a cause for much celebration and the brilliant commemoration was distinguished widely throughout Gondar.

The trophy entered our city on 10/3/2009 E.c on a Saturday morning to a jubilant crowd and warm welcomes. Some of the honored beneficiaries who travelled with the trophy and accompanied it to its official place, were among others, board chairman and Government Finance Agency director Dr. Sintayehu Wolde-Michael, UOG president Dr. Desalegn Mengesha and academic vice president Dr. Asrat Atsedewoin. Others who also took part in the celebrations include the broader student community, staff members, deans, Gondar city high officials and Gondar’s own Fasil Kenema Football team.

The venue where the ceremony took place was in Science Amba. The atmosphere was amazing. The campus opened its arms to this event, which was necessary. What followed was an acceptance of the trophy by UOG’s senior members. The celebrations welcoming speaker administrative vice president Dr. Takele Tadesse addressed the contribution to perfection by focusing on all staff members of the university community. He emphasized the contribution from the university community. Regardless of status and place, from high positions to lesser influence, he believed it took teamwork. He made it clear that without them, without a team effort, this was not possible. Afterward the following speaker expressed the same sentiments furthering the events connection with being number one. Dr. Sintayehu Wulde-Michael, the second speaker, articulated with importance that through hard work and dedication UOG has become number one in the country. Allowing the guests to marinate on what he had said, Dr. Sintayehu followed by mentioning this was big for the university, but it shouldn’t stop here. The university now, according to his views, has the enormous task of maintaining its top spot and sustaining it for years to come.

The last speaker, UOG president Dr. Desalegn Mengesha, gave details into how the University got to number one. At the outset, he began by alluding to past efforts contributing to present achievements. Dr. Desalegn added the former administration helped the university and must be recognized for their work. Secondly, he asserted the university staff took responsibility into their own hands and performed exceptionally, each owning up to their own duties to help the broader educational progress. Thirdly, the president of the university gave his appreciation to the campus of health and medical science’s for their work in medicine studies. And lastly, he pointed out in 2016 the University was dedicated to solve societal problems through research and ultimately being there to fix complex issues.

Winning the number one spot with the quality assurance agency in early 2016, and now being awarded the top prize of 2016, the president expressed his gratitude to those in attendance. The festivities now coming to an end the research and community service leader professor Mersha Chanie called to the stage for the last time the UOG President along with board chairman Dr. Sintayehu to recognize the university’s faculty, staff and partners with a certificate of appreciation for their tireless efforts in 2016.

It takes hard work and perseverance to achieve a big task. The University of Gondar in 2016 has done just that. Knowing now though that the number one spot is theirs the university needs to look forward to the 2016- 2017 budget year to sustain and replicate what was done in 2015- 2016. The university community and the country for the matter are optimistic about the future. Good vibes are circulating around in Gondar and the future is brighter than ever. It took a team effort to accomplish great things in 2015/16 and in 2016/17 the University has set its bar high. Number one once again.
Reporter: Amsalu Gizachew
Editor: Demisie Desta