University of Gondar celebrates the 2016’s graduation ceremony colorfully

University of Gondar celebrated the 2016’s graduation ceremony colorfully on July 2, 2016. His Excellency, Ambassador, Taye Atsekeselassie, honorable guest of the occasion and Foreign Affair State minister of EPRDF, Ato Tekeba Tebabal, Mayor of Gondar Administration Town, stakeholders of the university, special guests of the university and communities of the university participated in this lively graduation ceremony.
This year 3,861 male and 1,811 female, a total of 5,672, students in first degree and 370 male and 139 female , a total of 509,students in second degree were graduated in the regular, extension and summer programs. Moreover, in the Higher Diploma Program, 144 male and 19 female, a total of 163, teachers of the university were graduated.

On the speech made during the occasion, Dr. Dessalegn Mengesha, president of the university said that since looking our future hope candidate graduates glittered and blossomed makes all the attendants of this special ceremony happy, I want to say congratulation to candidate graduates, parents of the graduates and all attendants of the inauguration ceremony.
Having said this, Dr Dessalegn Mengesha added that the previous health science college and the then university of Gondar is one of the pioneer universities of the country in producing health professionals since 1982. Within this 62 years, UoG has played a great role in producing middle and higher level health professionals that can alleviate the health and health related problems of the society. After the college is upgraded in to university level, a lot of skill full and educated professionals were and are being produced in different disciplines.
Today it is possible to mention witnesses that show University of Gondar has produced fruitful and well known scientists and researcher scholars who are found at the top of success both nationally and internationally in solving problems of the society.
Dr. Dessalegn Mengesha has also explained the general image of the university, he said that at the beginning we had only three diploma programs but now we have around 67 under graduate and more than 95 post graduate programs including the third degree program. As to the number of students, at the state there were only 50 students; whereas, now we are teaching more than 30,000 students in all programs. Moreover, a few number of students were being graduated; however, now we are being graduating around 5000 students per a year as we do today.Although the training had been started only in one campus, currently the university have owned seven big campuses including the community school and teachers residence apartment. Financially, from 100,000 annual budget before 62 years, we have now reached more than a billion annual budget. When the college was opened as a beginner, foreigners were teachers and they were at the managerial position. However, at the moment, all managers and more than 95% of teachers are Ethiopians. The program had started by some teachers, but now we have more than 1,700 teachers, most of them are second and third degree holders. Having around 6,000 employees including teachers, the university is working hard by doing tremendous activities that can help the country and the society.
Dr. Dessalegn Mengesha in his closing speech on the occasion said, “you today’s graduates, having the happiness and exaltation you feel today because of your first chapter successes after a lot of ups and downs, you are expected to be a man of practice and make a meaningful contribution to these people who have part on your success by using the knowledge and skill you gained. You have to know that your role for the sustainability of the country’s development, growth and renaissance is high. Your result of education is measured by the development of the country and the changes of life made on the society. This can be achieved, when you are committed and promised in this special day to fight against corruption, bad governance and unethical practices. Therefore, I consign you to keep the promise, to be patriotic and committed to development and growth”.
During this graduation ceremony, deans from different colleges, institutes, faculties and schools called their graduates by the order of Dr. Birku Demoz, head of the main registrar. After thanking the University for Invitation, honorable guest of the event, His Excellency, Ambassador Taye Atsekeselassie, Foreign Affair State Minister of EPRDF made a speech mentioning the spiritual satisfaction that both graduates and parents of graduates feel. He said congratulation to all graduates feeling is our feeling too. Sharing his experiences, Ambassador Taye said that knowledge, skill and experience can be developed through time. He also forwarded a message to the graduates to stand for truth, fight against poverty and dislike corruption. His Excellency, Ambassador Taye has also given a medal and trophy award to high achievers.

Based on the action plan of the graduation ceremony, honorable, Mr. Tekeba Tebabal, Mayor of Gondar Administration Town has given a beholden and recognition award. He also said that the new referral hospital built by the government and the stakeholders has more than 1000 sickbeds. To make this new hospital functional, they are working hard by the support of the government and the stakeholders. In addition, a modern building built by aid from American government will start working this year. To this hospital consumption a charity organization called Human Bridge Country Organization, which are found in Sweden has donated modern sickbeds.
In the program facilitated by Dr. Takele Tadesse, Research and Community Service Vice President of the university, a thanking and recognition award was given to the charity organization, to Mr. Adamu Aneley, Director of Human Bridge Country director, who was pioneer in the communication process, and to Dr. Robert Berman for their great contribution to this big agenda. Furthermore, Goshu Neinko from college of health science, Department of Psychiatry, was awarded as best student of the year. This program was facilitated by Mr. Solomon Abreha, Administrative vice president of the university.

In the graduation ceremony, parents of graduates said that they are happy because of their families graduation from this pioneer and well known university which has contributed more than 50 thousand graduates in its 62 years journey.

Public and International Relation Director (University of Gondar)
July 2, 2016.