Sustaining Peace through Dialogue may be what fractured countries need

The University of Gondar along with the Peace and Development Center (PDC) organized an action week based on the Sustained Dialogue project at UoG’s Science Amba auditorium. Its main purpose, which is to promote the culture of peace in Ethiopia’s higher education institutions, has garnered the support of many educational institutions. The universities located in Ambo, Jimma, Haramaya, Bahar Dar, and Gondar have all been focusing on the initiative to spread this positive message.

By deciding and committing to engage, building trust and exchanging experiences, identifying and analyzing problems and developing strategies and solutions the University of Gondar in collaboration with the Peace and Development Center (PDC) have worked towards bringing a culture of genuine interaction through which human beings listen to each other and learn from one another.

The president of the university, Dr. Desalegn Mengesha, after opening the event was given an opportunity to share a sobering power point presentation on what he feels are realities that should not be overlooked. “Most conflicts could be solved via dialogue, but often time’s people resort to violence and war” he said. He broke down the conflicts of such countries as Syria and Rwanda to illustrate the downfalls of not communicating and resorting to peaceful means.

The dual agenda of the initiative is to build relationships in the room and to address concrete community issues outside the room. With that being said, with a diverse population as Ethiopia’s such programs and efforts will do wonders for millions of citizens who are seeking brotherhood and companionship.

By Samuel Malede| Public & International Relations