Prof. Mamo Muchie delivers a presentation on the PhD ‘research journey’

There are two things that characterize Prof. Mamo Muchie and it is clear that he does not lack enthusiasm and has incredible insight into the way Africa should progress. In the morning of 12 January 2018 at the post graduate hall’s conference room the Ethiopian professor from South Africa explained to eager students why research matters and the way to take it seriously.

Before his presentation entitled The PhD Research Journey: Challenges to Overcome to Produce High Quality Output, Prof. Mamo spoke a little about Ethiopian-ism. This signature ideology emphasizes the significance of Ethiopia in the world and obliges all natives to be proud of their heritage. For about 15 minutes he accentuated the spread of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the extraordinary people of Ethiopia, worldwide acceptance and the victory that defined “our greatness” the battle of Adwa.

Dr. Desalegn Mengesha, President of the University of Gondar, Dr. Samuel Sahile Postgraduate Studies directorate Director, Dr. Zewdu Teshome Research and Publication directorate Director and various other guests were present.

His presentation highlighted the rules and overall advantages of writing a research paper with the upmost attention to quality. It was apparent that, according to the professor, “to finish research a strong sense of determination is needed to overcome challenges.”

Professor Mamo also stressed doing research with empathy and compassion, simplicity, and to focus on life’s problems. From beginning to end many important terms were brought up refreshing the minds of the students who were in attendance.

After the guest presentation was finished the President of UoG spoke a little about his experience on the matter. Thanking Prof. Mamo for his contribution to the academic sphere, Dr. Desalegn alluded to many instances where he (Prof Mamo) helped the University of Gondar to become better aquatinted with other universities from abroad.

“He was a bridge to places like China,” Dr. Desalegn said, “and even some PhD students were accepted and are currently studying overseas.” There are a lot of opportunities that can be made through partnerships and the president reflected on Prof. Mamo’s role in those circumstances.

The President also alluded to his own experience in doing research or advising students who were completing the monumental task. The importance of taking time to read was stressed. “We are academic citizens and it takes time and effort to complete a research paper” he said, “It will not be done after one or two revisions. It is an ongoing process that takes persistence.”

By publishing hundreds of research articles it is obvious that the insights of the professor from South Africa were well accepted. The sharing of his experience is vital to students everywhere. Moreover, if one would like to get in contact with him it is possible via phone or email. His willingness to help Ethiopia is boundless. And with his help (ideologically and analytically) students at UoG and elsewhere can be professional academics who will have the tools to succeed in any research oriented circumstance.

By Samuel Malede| Public and International Relations Directorate