As part of its monthly seminar initiative: The College of Social Sciences and Humanities organized a policy prospect session

With the title “The place of the Humanities in Policies of Modern Education, on 5 February 2018, Professor Baye Yimam from Addis Ababa University spoke in length about education and its trajectory in the country. Others who were present, among others, were Dr. Kassahun Tegene, Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mr. Tesfaye Tafere and Dr. Yifter Melese.

During the reign of Haile Selassie the first, the last Ethiopian monarch, the social sciences were in high demand. In that time period the imperial government and the ministry of education made the humanities a higher priority than the medical field 70 to 30. The current standing with the current regime is relatively different.

As a way of encouraging and strengthening the favor-ability of the college, the social work and sociology departments that are under the humanities invited the intellectual. All those of the university community were welcome and students as well as numerous lecturers were present to take in the event.

In his lengthy presentation the linguistic professor from AAU reflected on key points that echoed prominent linguist such as Fairclough and van Dijk. “Structure implies power and there are power relationships which are smooth and rough” he said. Speaking on education and enlightenment he referenced that age old saying that ‘knowledge is power’. Education is going to have to play a significant part in the advancement of the country. In addition, through policies that cater to bolstering educational institutions professor Baye believes the development of the nation will progress due to it.

According to Mr. Tesfaye Tafere the department of social work and sociology has certain goals and through individuals like professor Baye and others who grace the stage of the Aluminium hall they may be achieved. The most significant of these is to strengthen the gap between academicians, policy makers and executors. Therefore such seminars according to Mr. Tesfaye are a way to share ideas on matters that pertain to educational institutions. The College of Social Sciences and Humanities will invite one guest every month to give a seminar on different areas of concentration and all people are welcome to join.

By Samuel Malede| Public and International Relations Directorate