Vertical Farming Research Center

The agriculture faculty of Debre Tabor University launched a vertical farming research center on the main campus today(September 2/2020). The staff of the Department of Plant Science of the faculty of Agriculture of DTU (Mulatu Kassa, Firnus Adugnaw, and Muluken Yayeh) presented a vertical farming system which can be accomplished using disposed plastic bottles within […]

DTU signed a JV agreement with Yami Staffing & Medical Service LLC.

Debre Tabor University signed a joint venture agreement with Yami Staffing and Medical Service LLC in the United States to provide Tele-Medicine services on October 9/2020). Tele Medicine is an alternative technology to provide medical and counseling services to patients with co-morbidities, keeping their social distances and preventing communicable diseases, like COVID-19. The technology of […]

የ12ኛ ክፍል ተማሪወች ፈተና መዘጋጃ የሞባይል መተግበሪያ

የደብረ ታቦር ዩኒቨርሲቲ ሳይንስና ከፍተኛ ትምህርት ሚኒስቴር በጂማ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ባዘጋጀው ከፍተኛ ትምህርትና ስልጠና ኮቪድ19 መከላከል የቴክኖሎጂ እና ፈጠራ ሲምፖዚየም ላይ የ12ኛ ክፍል ተማሪወች የቤት ውስጥ ፈተና መዘጋጃ የሞባይል መተግበሪያ አስተዋወቀ። የሚከተለውን ሊንክ በመከተል ለማትሪክ ፈተና የሚዘጋጁ ተማሪወች እንዲጠቀሙበት ያድርጉ! በተጨማሪም ዪኒቨርሲቲው ድረ ገፅ የሚከተለውን ሊንክ በመጫን የሚያገኙ ወሆኑን እንገልፃለን፡፡

Debre Tabor University in collaboration with Debre Tabor Referral Hospital launched the Corona Virus Testing Laboratory.

A corona virus testing laboratory is inaugurated at Debre Tabor Specialized Hospital today (15 September 2020). The lab was built by the collaboration of DTU and Debre Tabor Comprehensive Specialized hospital. The inauguration took place at a time when the hospital was officially promoted to the rank of a Comprehensive Specialized Hospital by the health […]