New PhD program in Biostatistics is opening at University of Gondar

PhD in Biostatistics

The abilities of biostatisticians make an integral member of a research team to quantify uncertainty and generate sound inferences from data. Writing competitive grants, executing statistical procedures, conducting advanced data analysis, publishing in high profile journals and teaching biostatistics at the postgraduate level are highly demanding. Clinical medicine, public health, health informatics, biomedical sciences, and other health related disciplines require the application of statistical methods. PhD in Biostatistics is directly related to research on health areas and focuses more on its application than theory building which most fields actually lack.

Program Objectives

The major aim of this program is to develop internationally competent biostatisticians with technical skills, academic integrity, and professional ethics to address public health problems, ensure advancement in the field of biostatistics, and satisfy the country’s needs in a skilled scientific workforce of the highest caliber.

Admission requirements

The applicant to the PhD in Biostatistics program will be who have done his/her master in Biostatistics, statistics, or closely related disciplines (such as bioinformatics, mathematics, epidemiology, public health, demography) from a recognized university. The applicant should have done thesis for his/her master’s degree thesis or should publish a research as principal investigator after finishing his/her masters. Two letters of reference who know your work reasonably well; motivation letter, and a statement of research interest are required.

Duration of the Program and Fee

The PhD in Biostatistics program requires four years full time. It may extend to extend to six years for very justifiable reasons. One PhD candidate could need up to 400- 450,000 ETB and should be secured in Advance.


Last date of Application: 10 August 2016, by presenting in person to associate Registrar office of College of Medicine and Health Science, University of Gondar in Person.

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