How is the land usage in Ethiopia?

Prof Mulatu Wubneh who is an Ambassadors Distinguished Scholar at the University of Gondar presented a lecture today that practically illustrated land use here in Ethiopia. With the title, “Land acquisition, use and development policies in Ethiopia” the Professor brought up many points from the implementation of policies, lease payments, rural land use, environmental protection and the distribution of land to investors.

Currently, Prof Mulatu could be seen finishing up a road map of the ground plan that encompasses many regions. If accepted this Ambassadors Distinguished Scholar’s work could allow him to partner up with city administrators to straighten out or even modify a system that may need some revamping.

The University of Gondar employs many expatriate staff members via many channels and agreements. Coming from all over the world, these experienced minds allows the University to gain outside insight and world class knowledge. The Ambassadors Distinguished Scholars Program is just one of the many partnerships that is bearing fruit at this educational institution.

By Samuel Malede| Public & International Relations