Mechanical Engineering Publications

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1Ass.Prof. Tesfahun TegegneCastor seed from Melkasa agricultural research center, east showa, Ethiopia and its bio diesel performance in four stroke Diesel engine.International journal of renewable energy development (IJRED)
Teaching material : Internal combustion


engines and reciprocating machines



Dr. Samuel tesfaye

Surface Hardening Vs. Surface


Embrittlement in Carburizing of Porous Steels

Influence of the microstructure on the


subsurface and surface damage during lubricated rolling–sliding wear of sintered and sinterhardened 1.5%Mo–2%Cu–0.6%C steel: theoretical analysis and experimental investigation

Research gate
Damage phenomena in lubricated rolling sliding wear of a gas carburised 0.85%Mo low-alloyed sintered steel: theoretical analysis and experimental verificationResearch gate
Conference paper 
Theoretical and experimental investigation of rolling/sliding surface damage of sinterhardened low alloyed Mo-Cu steelEuroPM2017, At Milan, Itally
Microstructure And Residual Stresses Of Shot Peened Mo Alloyed Carburized PM SteelsWorldPM2016, At Hamburg, Germany