The Institute of Technology graduates architecture and civil engineering students

In a well thought out and complete ceremony the Institute of Technology concludes its graduation of its architecture and civil engineering students. What took place on 10 February 2018 saw the culmination of hard work that took 5 years and 6 months to complete. Now with this new found knowledge this second batch of architecture students are set out to chart a new course for themselves as the engineers of tomorrow.

The day saw the President of the University of Gondar, Dr. Desalegn Mengesha, Mr. Birhanu Mulat, Director of the Institute of Technology and the Vice Presidents of the university coming together to celebrate the occasion.

The atmosphere was vibrant with traditional dancers giving a well thought out performance and a crowd of loved ones and friends who showed their love for the graduates.

In his opening remarks Dr. Desalegn spoke briefly about how the institute was established and where it is headed. “The Institute of Technology was established in 2011 with a small number of workshops,” he said, “and food and dorms were provided by King Tewodros’s campus.”

Today though it is clear that the institute is holding its own weight. Currently the IoT has a number of facilities. It can be observed that currently 10 projects are under construction that have an estimated cost of over 800 million ETB. In addition to this by catering to over 5,000 students and delivering quality education via 415 qualified instructors the institute is making strides.

Until now the institute has graduated over 3,200 students and these graduates are out in their respective fields making a difference in the lives of ordinary citizens.

When closing his speech the president spoke directly to the students and imparted advice that he believes would lead to positive outcomes. “I am certain that your time here at UoG has given you a lot of wisdom that you will take with you to your next chapter” he said.

He continued by affirming, “You may have experienced a lot of hindrances but you have made it to this joyous day. Now you must use what you have learned to serve the community with practical application.”

When summing up the ceremony the Director of the Institute of Technology, Mr. Birhanu Mulat, initiated the transition of the students into the real world by conferring the degrees.

A student’s educational career is measured by a countries development and the positive impact they deliver in the lives of the masses. The graduates now have to incorporate their training to change the lives of the people. And with the tools they have gained it is undoubtedly possible. In total there were 69 students who graduated, of the whole, 49 were architecture students and 20 were civil engineering students.

By Samuel Malede| Public and International Relations Directorate