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The University of Gondar is one of the oldest universities in Ethiopia. Established in 1954 as a Public Health College and Trainingcampus Center, the University has steadily grown and evolved into one of the top education institutions in the country today. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we look forward to a future as the country’s leading societal problem solving university.

Quality Education

The University of Gondar provides students with an excellent teaching and learning environment. We currently have 21636 undergraduate and 1829 postgraduate  students. We provide a wide range of subjects including 56 undergraduate and 64 postgraduate programs. With over 25,000 past graduates our goal is to deliver societal needs tailored education in order to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of our nation.

Knowledge Creation

The University of Gondar is committed to fostering innovative research and scholarship. We provide research grants every year to encourage new research and all of our faculties carry out work under set research themes. We also currently run 3 specialist research centers in a bid to help identify and address the needs of our society.

A Closer Association with Society

Community service is at the core of our work at the University of Gondar. Initially established to address the health needs of local people, we have maintained and strengthened our connection and commitment to serving our community. Every year we provide funding to encourage innovative and effective community interventions. Our faculties also have a long and proud tradition of providing essential medical, legal, technical and social services to the community.

Our Staff

With a growing reputation for innovation and dynamism, the University of Gondar attracts committed and qualified staff. We currently  have 1500 academic staff members, with a growing number of international staff. All our academic staff, in keeping with the ethos of our University, carry out teaching, research and community service activities.

International Links

Since it’s establishment, the University of Gondar has continually maintained strong international links. Set up jointly by USAID, WHO, the Ministry of Public Health and UNICEF, we continue to build relationships with international organisations and universities. We currently have relationships with over 20 universities in 10 countries around the world. We continue to forge new connections to help us share our learning and strengthen our teaching, research and community services.

Development and Innovation

The University of Gondar is greatly committed to investing in the future. Alongside our developing programs and delivery we want to ensure that we establish firm foundations to support our growth as an outstanding educational establishment.  As such we have invested heavily in developing our infrastructure. We are developing new sites as well as working to maintain and develop existing ones. Major building projects include the development of a referral hospital and a new campus in Tseda. We have invested heavily in our ICT infrastructure to ensure that we have the technology to take us into the future. Our ICT has received recognition nationally as a model of good practice. We also seek to ensure our future sustainability through innovative income generation schemes.