Network and Infrastructure

The Network Infrastructure team is the largest milestone in the ICT department.The network infrastructure milestone has been delivering a variety of ICT services since it’s commencement in 2007.

It is designed to fulfill the goal of ICT Network Services that is to provide a network infrastructure that is highly available, reliable, robust, secure, and easily accessed from anywhere.

The ICT backbone data network, managed by the network infrastructure unit, provides the core data network connectivity for all campuses but the Agricultural Campus which is located around 25km from the main campus.We are in negotiation with Ethio Telecom for fiber connectivity of the Agricultural Campus to the main campus. This campus though has all network infrastructure built and ready to get every service when connected.

The university’s network infrastructure is composed of 20Gbps Core-to-Distribution throughput and 1Gbpd access level bandwidth that enables us to run multiple multimedia applications smoothly within our campus including VoIP Services, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, Smart Classroom, and IP TV services. We have 150Mbps internet connectivity optimally managed by our Cisco based monitoring and management servers.

The main services that are being reliably delivered to the university community include:

  • Highly Available and Secure Internet service – the University has two upstream connections to the service provider; one with 50Mbps connection that gives internet service to the CMHS campus and another 100Mbps connection that enables the other campuses get internet connectivity. The connection is secured with redundant Firewalls and redundant Ironport Web Security Appliances which are thoroughly being monitored.
  • E-mail Services – the university staffs have an exchange based university email address ( that is highly available and secured using a redundant Ironpor Mail Security Appliances.
  • IP Telephony Service – the university’s telephony system uses the underlying IP data infrastructure. Our 1Gbps access level connectivity helps us deploy a telephony system which makes our university a pioneer in using this unified communication technology. In addition to the telephony services the multipurpose phones deliver Call Accounting Services, Voice Mail Services, Fax Services, Video and Audio Conferencing Serviaces, contact services and Mobility services.
  • Virtualized Server and Storage Services – our data center is equipped with the latest Cisco UCS blade servers with about 180TBytes of NetApp Storage Area Network that currently hosts more than 20 Virtualized servers and storage services with a high scalability to afford the needs of the university for the coming 20 years. The datacenter also is ready to share its e-library service once the universities are connected for EthERNet Project.
  • Wireless Network Services – we deployed more than 108 high end Wireless Access Points using Indoor, Outdoor and Mesh connection types. Almost all campuses have their hot spots a wireless network available. Most student dormitories have the wireless access that helps students get access to the e-library system and other network services. Staff apartments have also wireless network services at their living rooms.

All the above services are meticulously being looked after by our monitoring and management servers. These include Cisco Security Manger (CSM), LAN Management System (LMS), QoS Policy Manager (QPM), Monitoring, Analysis System Response (MARS), Cisco Access Control System (ACS) for the LAN and Security Devices; Ironport Management Security Appliance (MSA) for managing the WSAs and ESAs; Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) and Wireless Control System (WCS) for managing Wireless Network; Data Center Network Manager (DCNM), Cisco Unified Computing System Manager (UCS), VMWare VCenter Server, and NetApp’s OnCommand System Manager for managing our Data Center Services.

We also have management for Enviromex systems and Surveillance Camera system.

The Main Data Center is supplied with redundant 100KVA APC UPSs and a dedicated 200KVA generator which insures 24/7 service delivery. The data center is also being monitored and managed for out of range environmental conditions by different environmental sensors like smoke sensors, water sensors, temperature sensors that alert the administrator to take action.

Additionally the data center is being controlled by the surveillance cameras installed. The access door of the datacenter, that asks a card and a finger print to be opened, is also worth mentioning.

Through the years the milestone had executed a few large-scale projects that has given the architecture it has now and the services it is delivering now. Below are the projects that were executed:

  1. Building of Network Infrastructure for Mariaki Campus
  2. Network Infrastructure Installation and Network Equipment Supply for AtseTewodrosCampus

UoG ICT Main Data Center

3. The Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Active Device, Network Management Systems and Data Center Facility Expansion System.