Gadarif University and University of Gondar Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

The University of Gondar, the flagship University in Ethiopia, has achieved yet another step towards integrating with the region by signing a Memorandum of understanding with Gadarif University (Sudan) on April 25th 2017. The formal occasion took place in the Senate Hall of the University of Gondar’s Presidents office. Those who took part in the signing, on behalf of the University of Gondar, was academic vice president Dr. Asrat Astedewoin and on behalf of Gadarif University Prof. Imbrahim. Those who also took part in the event were research and community service vice president Prof. Mersha Chanie, and business and development vice president Dr. Yinges Alemu.

To open the occasion a brief introduction highlighting the historic nature of the University of Gondar as well as, in particular, Ethiopia’s education boom that has lasted for some one hundred years took place. Following the presentation of UOG Gadarif University took the stage to showcase its qualities and opportunities. Gadarif State, which is adjacent to the Tigray region, was formally established in 1994 and was once apart of Al- Sharq University. The university, which is located in Sudan, insisted because of its educational programs in medicine, agriculture, computer science and veterinary science that the two Universities could reach unparalleled achievements together. The University of Gadarif has had other MOU agreements with plenty of Universities a few being University of Khartoum, University of Bahar Dar, University of Halwan (Egypt) and Yangzhou University (China).

Moreover, once the two universities concluded their respective presentations an agreement that allows both universities opportunities to gain insight on multiple levels elevating the Universities was signed. The vice chancellor of Gadarif University Prof. Ibrahim showed his appreciation to the University of Gondar by stating: “We need to find solutions to the problems that arise in both Sudan and Ethiopia” mentioning that together the two East African Countries, through higher institutions, can bring change. Lastly, they showed their gratitude to the people of Gondar. The representative expressed his thanks for the “hospitality and generosity” they had received and was proud to say he had made a “brother” and that UOG was one of them.

By Samuel Malede| Public and International Relations Directorate