List of Programs and Admission Requirements

1.      Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Special  Needs  &  Inclusive  Education (SNIE)

This program is given in regular and Extension (Evening) program. It  has  been  given  since  the  Department  was  opened  in  2010/11 academic year. So many students were graduated in the program.

Admission requirements

Applicants for admission to the Bachelor’s degree program in Special  Needs  and  Inclusive  Education  must  satisfy  the following criteria:

  Have  a  diploma  in Special  Needs  Educational or related teaching subjects with a minimum cumulative grade  point  average  (CGPA)  of  2:00  at graduation from an accredited Teacher training institution. OR Pass mark in the EHEECE set for degree admission in that year.

  Teaching  or  administrative  experiences  in educational  establishments  will  be  an  advantage  to get admission to the program

Graduation requirements

In order to be graduated, students should successfully finish all the designed courses. Moreover, the candidate is required to obtain:

CGPA of at least 2.00 at graduation.

ii. A student should take a total of 182 ECTS

iii. No “F” grade in any course

Degree nomenclature

The degree conferred shall be “Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)  Degree  in  Special  Needs  and  Inclusive Educational. “ or “የአርት ባችለር ዲግሪ በልዩ ፍለጎት እና አካቶ ትምህርት.”

Postgraduate Program

Master  of  Arts  Degree in  Special  Needs  &  Inclusive  Education (SNIE)

About the program

This program was opened in 2014 academic year is being offered in regular  and summer  program.  The first  batch  students  have  been graduated in 2017.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the Masters Program, the applicant should have:

14.  First degree from a recognized university,

  Graduated  in B  Ed  in  Special  Needs

Education or related

  BA in Psychology or related

  B Ed in General Education or related

b.  At least CGPA of 2.00 in the undergraduate study ,

c.  At least TWO years teaching experiences,

d.  Fulfill other university wide requirements,

N.B:  1.  Candidates  will  be  selected  on  a  competitive  basis; and,

2.  Other  things  being  equal,  females and  Person  with Disabilities will be given priority.

Graduation requirements

a.  meet all standard performance set by the University of Gondar

b.  Earn  a  total  of  36  credit  hours  (30  credit hours in the course work and 6 credit hours in the
thesis work)

c.  Pass in all courses and obtain a minimum of CGPA 3.00 for the course work

d.  Complete  and  successfully  defend  thesis work.

e.  Satisfy other university wide requirements.

Nomenclature of the MA Program

The Degree nomenclature shall be “Master Of Arts Degree In Special Needs And Inclusive Education.’’ (የአርት ማስተርስ ዲግሪ በልዩ ፍላጎት እና አካቶ ትምህርት)


The department has resource room for those students with different disabilities. The resource room has Braille book, sign language books, digital audio recorder, and computers with JAWS software.