Facility and Services

Faculty of Education Library  

Educational materials and equipment in the faculty include books in the library, computers in the digital library and in the laboratory classroom. Faculty of education has separated library, Faculty of Education Library. The library has  large number hard copy books and more than 300 soft copy books. In addition, there are 779 brail books.  The digital library is equipped with 50 computers and each computer has broadband internet service. There are also two E-libraries, which enable students to download and read online e-resources. Moreover, the library has one separated class for students with disability for reading.

 Classrooms and Internet Infrastructure

As part of the University of Gondar, our faculty has internet infrastructure that enables our students and teachers to access online educational resources so that they update the contents of education.  Internet is available in classrooms, library, offices, and in the campus in general.

 There are seven classrooms in our faculty. Five of them are equipped with smart board and white board with adequate chairs.  The chairs are not moveable/mobile. Nonetheless, the remaining two classrooms have only whiteboard.  In all the classrooms, there is internet access both with broadband and wifi services although the students’ wifi speed is low compared with the staff wifi. There is also one ICT laboratory class equipped with adequate number of computers. Broadband Internet is available in the lab class.

 Disability Resource and support center

The resource center has some important learning aids for both the students with disability and for students in the department of special needs and inclusive education. This resource room is providing different services for students with disabilities in the university. Some of our services are

  • Facilitate computers for all students with disabilities /jaws soft ware for students with visual impairment and teachers/
  • Slate styles and Braille paper for students with visual impairment
  • Audio Recorders for students with visual impairment
  • White Canes for students with visual impairment
  • Preparing printing materials based on their visual acuity/ability.
  • Sign Language books for students with hearing impairments.
  • Providing Braille and sign language skill trainings
  • Jaws software training