UoG’s First Annual Career Expo set for 30 July 2018

The University of Gondar’s Dileverology Unit is organizing a Career Expo to show to students that the next chapter of their life is paved with greatness and opportunities. The expo allows students to converse with companies and organizations, exchange contact information with successful industrial corporations and share international experiences. It will take place this Saturday the 30th of June!

The driving force of a career week has been used through out the globalized world. Students often times are left with no work and opportunities once they graduate, this holds true for developed and as well as underdeveloped nations. In essence in such events students are able to promote themselves and present companies a nice and organized portfolio of their work and strengths.

“During the career week (career expo), the career center will use the event as a great opportunity to promote its major role to various stakeholders” said Mr. Shimeles who is the head of the Deliverology Unit.

Although there certain professional jobs on the market, those that exist are not being fully accessed by graduates. Such expos will shape the minds of new graduates and in turn open a medium for companies where they are able to grasp young and technically set students.

Samuel Malede| Public & International Relations Directorate