• UoG in association with Mekdela Amba University and Mekena Selam Hospital administered training dealing with the health and medical sciences.
  • The University of Gondar community and the family and friends of the graduates are invited to the graduation commencement of Medicine's class of 2018. The ceremony will take place on October 6, 2018 (g.c) and Meskerem 26, 2011 (e.c).
  • Amongst the first generation universities in Ethiopia the University of Gondar has come 1st once again. For the second straight year UoG is the top ranked educational institution in the country!

The wealth of Geez and its role in modern Ethiopia

DSC_1012Ethiopia has over 80 languages which contribute to its national diversity. For a long period of time now Ethiopia has been one of the most unique countries in this aspect. Among these languages Geez is one of them. The ancient language of Geez has been forgotten for some time by the government and the people [...]


imagesThe MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program and the University of Gondar has a very important announcement for students and Scholars that will give them a chance of a lifetime. Masters and first degree Scholarship opportunities for students with disabilities at University of Gondar are being offered. Follow this link and see if you meet the requirements! [...]

What is the Ambassadors Distinguished Scholars Program?

DSC_0724The past couple of decades has given way to a dramatic rise of university graduates in the country. Many signs lead to progress and expansion at a large scale. Haile Selassie the first university was the first and only higher education institution in the country for some time but now there are numerous universities in [...]

28th Annual Research Conference concludes at UoG

DSC_0336The University of Gondar’s 28th Annual Research Conference, a 2 day occasion, was a successful event marking the 28th time Ethiopia’s top educational institution gave research due acknowledgment. The tradition of working on and publishing worthwhile research does not only have benefits for the country of Ethiopia but can also bring practical results to other [...]