• Students attending a hotel management workshop in the month of May
  • University of Gondar welcomed Guizhou University from China.
  • Amongst the first generation universities in Ethiopia the University of Gondar has come 1st once again. For the second straight year UoG is the top ranked educational institution in the country!

The 4th Monthly Seminar Session raps up

DSC_0245Professor Jack Veugelers gave a well thought out seminar on Social Capital: Theories and Applications. Apart of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities monthly seminar session, the professor from the University of Toronto spoke in length about modern theories and applications of ideological frameworks in several Western countries. The question, “Can social capital be [...]

Things we learned from the Dean of Drexler’s Kline School of Law

DSC_0578According to Professor Daniel Filler, Dean of Drexel University’s Kline School of Law, mass imprisonment hurts communities by extracting wage earning parents, creates high crimes in communities and spends hard earned tax money on prison facilities. The seminar that took place from 25-26 April 2018 tried to illustrate the United States justice system in many [...]

Common Misconceptions about Disabilities

DSC_0586Dean of Drexler University’s Kline School of Law, Professor Daniel Filler, gathered a sizable amount of University higher officials to instruct them on ways on how to assist disabled students in the future. Without holding back on major misconceptions about disabled individuals, Prof Daniel, who has worked with handicapped individuals throughout his career, expressed that [...]

Urbanization finds its way on Ethiopia’s doorsteps

downloadMost urban centers are becoming congested with a constant influx of migrants, which subsequently transforms those areas into slums. A failure to determine how to effectively deal with the multidimensional aspect of urbanization causes harsh repercussions to cities. The workshop that was held on 23-24 April 2018 entitled a SES Thematic workshop training sessions, which [...]