• UoG in association with Mekdela Amba University and Mekena Selam Hospital administered training dealing with the health and medical sciences.
  • The University of Gondar community and the family and friends of the graduates are invited to the graduation commencement of Medicine's class of 2018. The ceremony will take place on October 6, 2018 (g.c) and Meskerem 26, 2011 (e.c).
  • Amongst the first generation universities in Ethiopia the University of Gondar has come 1st once again. For the second straight year UoG is the top ranked educational institution in the country!

New PhD program in Epidemiology is opening at University of Gondar

PhD in Epidemiology PhD program focuses on more specific public health interventions, programmatic and advanced methodological issues pertaining to generating, gathering and utilizing public health evidence. Epidemiology and public health professional graduates can be effectively involved in the training of high-level health professionals, conducting evidence based researches to solve societal problem and policy development. The [...]


Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics is closely involved in the educational program, support the mission of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Gondar to provide research resources, training, and collaboration opportunities for academic staffs, health care providers, and the community. The need for well-trained biostatisticians and epidemiological [...]

University of Gondar Received First Level National Award of Excellence in Quality

3  Quality, generally defined, at least in the education context, as “fitness for purpose,” should be undoubtedly the core mission of education institutions. Addressing this central issue requires these institutions producing competent, compassionate, committed and ethical generations that can shoulder local and national responsibilities and can at large be global citizens. Addressing quality and creating [...]

Laparoscopic Surgery: Revolutionizing Gynecologic Medical Services at UoG’s Teaching Hospital

gynThe latest world-class gynecologic diagnosis and treatment laparoscopy technology that University of Gondar (UoG) teaching hospital introduced recently,can be considered as an evidence for the university is in the time to invade the impossible, and revolutionize its overall services to the general public.   Over the past couple of decades, the procedures of surgery have [...]