• UoG in association with Mekdela Amba University and Mekena Selam Hospital administered training dealing with the health and medical sciences.
  • The University of Gondar community and the family and friends of the graduates are invited to the graduation commencement of Medicine's class of 2018. The ceremony will take place on October 6, 2018 (g.c) and Meskerem 26, 2011 (e.c).
  • Amongst the first generation universities in Ethiopia the University of Gondar has come 1st once again. For the second straight year UoG is the top ranked educational institution in the country!

Sustaining Peace through Dialogue may be what fractured countries need

DSC_0021The University of Gondar along with the Peace and Development Center (PDC) organized an action week based on the Sustained Dialogue project at UoG’s Science Amba auditorium. Its main purpose, which is to promote the culture of peace in Ethiopia’s higher education institutions, has garnered the support of many educational institutions. The universities located in [...]

How is the land usage in Ethiopia?

DSC_0399Prof Mulatu Wubneh who is an Ambassadors Distinguished Scholar at the University of Gondar presented a lecture today that practically illustrated land use here in Ethiopia. With the title, “Land acquisition, use and development policies in Ethiopia” the Professor brought up many points from the implementation of policies, lease payments, rural land use, environmental protection [...]

UoG hosts the 33rd annual Student Union on its campus

DSC_0928The 33rd annual Student Union event usually takes place on campuses scattered across the country. This year was University of Gondar’s turn to host the occasion that saw the student body presidents and representatives from all the universities coming together as one. Student Union officials from various universities expressed their wish to work closely together [...]

Guizhou University visits the University of Gondar

DSC_0150Today the University of Gondar welcomed Guizhou University from China. Among the topics that were discussed the ever increasing relationship between Ethiopia and China was brought up. This long lasting partnership has trickled down to the educational institutions from the two countries. This evening saw the two presidents from the respective institutions speaking on matters [...]