• One of the blueprints from UoG's 20- year master plan and landscaping design initiative
  • The University of Gondar's own solution to the emboch is now fully functional consuming 5 tons of water hyacinth an hour. Fully financed by UoG the machine, called 'UoG #1', was inaugurated on 28 November
  • Amongst the first generation universities in Ethiopia the University of Gondar has come 1st once again. For the second straight year UoG is the top ranked educational institution in the country!

The landscape design for UoG’s 20- year master plan has been showcased

DSC_0778A first of its kind in Ethiopian universities, the University of Gondar sets a path towards a more sustainable use of its territory. The 2 day consultation started on 5 December 2017. By focusing on UoG’s campus master plan and its landscaping design the day brought UoG’s higher officials, The Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision [...]