An inside look into UoG’s Skill Labs

8Up until now the University of Gondar’s College of Medicine and Health Sciences has graduated countless students. The work that is being done to progress the medical field is something that UoG takes seriously. Since its inception in 1954, when the Malaria epidemic hit the Dembya area, the University of Gondar has been heads and [...]

A future partnership between The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria and The University of Gondar is in the works

20170814_115023(0)Two representatives from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, which is located in Vienna, Austria, were invited to the University of Gondar on a mutual partnership basis. The talks between the two respective institutions were based on possible collaborations in the future. The two representatives of BOKU, a deforestation prevention and soil analysis [...]

Safe guarding its future potential: UoG envisions a 20-year Master Plan

1With all the stackholders available in attendance, on 8 August 2017, the University of Gondar held a consultative stackholders-planning workshop. By focusing on UoG’s campus master plan and its landscaping design the day brought UoG’s higher officials, The Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation (ECDSWC) and The Building and Urban Design and Supervision Works [...]