DAAD scholarship opportunities explained by a German lecturer

On 19 June 2017 in the HDP hall in the University of Gondar’s President’s Office a brief presentation on scholarship opportunities was held. The power point presentation informed potential scholarship applicants to the upside of studying in Germany. The Republic of Germany’s educational landscape is like no other according to the DAAD lecturer, Daniela Auer. With almost 400 institutions of higher education and around 20,000 degree programs, Germany seems like the ideal stop for intellectuals.

Universities that are in Germany are diverse and have lots of accommodations becoming highly desirable for scholarship applicants. The presentation, presented by Daniela who is a DAAD Addis Ababa based lecturer, articulated that university tuition, the basic educational framework of higher education, which is expensive, is free in Germany. Students from inside of the country and those abroad have the luxury of being educated in a higher institution without the financial strain. This is what makes this country appealing for possible applicants. With reasonable living expenses and day-to-day conveniences (metro, cost effective cafes and restaurants etc) if work was a priority the regular person could handle it. On average it would cost 810 Euros to live in Germany monthly.

The DAAD program is the largest scholarship organization in the world with its head quarters being based in Bon, Germany. DAAD has about 475 active lecturers around the world. The organization offers 120,000 scholarships worldwide to willing and able students who want to take the next step to enhance their learning. Currently since 2015 the organization has accepted 579 Ethiopian born citizens.

When being asked about the difficult process of getting accepted the DAAD representative replied, “If you fulfill all the requirements along with the language proficiency exams you will be one step closer to gaining acceptance.” She stressed the need for a strong proposal and letter of invitation from the professor in Germany to increase the chances of admission.

The DAAD organization is a strong partner to Ethiopian development in so much as it educates the next generation who will be our leaders. With her post being in Addis Ababa University, she assured those in attendance that it is possible and all the information one needs is at their disposal.

By Samuel Malede| Public and International Relations Directorate