Creating a comfortable work environment increases the satisfaction of many services

The University of Gondar has five campuses in its enormous area. By creating an agenda of making the environment clean and attractive in the five campuses since 2017 UoG is making an impact.

The initiative took place at UoG’s Health Science College on Feb. 2018 with two objectives. The first objective of the program is making the environment beautiful, safe and attractive to satisfy the moderate health sectors. And the other objective as stated from the transfer agenda in the Health sector is to create compassionate and respectful professionals and customers.

V/ president of the College of medicine and Health Sciences Dr. Sisay Yifru explained that “cleaning the environment is not only the responsibility of one sector, but it is also the responsibility of other sectors and the community.’’ Dr. Sisay Yifru stated that “creating a comfortable environment in the campuses will also be good to transfer its methods to the other campuses.

In the planning program, such work will be conducted every three months cooperatively said Dr. Sisay.

Teachers, students, administrative staff and leaders who were participants of this program did wonders. Among these, Mr. Manaye Bayuh an officer of human resource at the Health Science College said in his remark that “it is one way to solve issues of the health science sector and the broader community. To show this kind of work is amazing.” To keep the environment of the campuses clean, all of the community will work together. Creating a clean environment which is beautiful, safe and attractive has benefits for employees and customers in the health sector. Making a continuous effort at this will have a specific impact in the community.

Reported by Belay Mesfin |Public and International Relation|
Edited by Samuel Malede |Public and International Relation