Continuing and Distance Education Programs Directorate

Continuing and Distance Education Programs (hereafter CDEP) is one of the directorate wings of University of Gondar under the umbrella of Academic Vice president, structured to coordinate continuing (Extension), summer (Kiremit) and Distance programs. CDEP has been established to create, expand and diversify training opportunities through non-regular education programs offered in week-ends, evening and summer/Kiremit on the basis to meet unique educational and professional development needs of students, working professionals and adult learners. Currently, University of Gondar is running 21 programs in evening/Extension and 17 programs in summer in-service/Kiremit undergraduate programs in continuing education by implementing harmonized curriculum at national level with a commitment to offer quality education. Besides, University of Gondar CDEP directorate aims to contribute its share in producing qualified human power that could make a difference and significant impact in the development endeavors of the region and nation in general and the successful implementation of the Growth and Transformation Plan in particular.


Our vision is to be a leading societal problem-solving university in the country by 2020 through providing quality education for students who do not have chances in regular program.


Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the country by producing vibrant, compassionate and responsible citizens through societal needs tailored curricula in Continuing and Distance Education programs.

Core Values

The following are our core values:

  • Quality intact
  • Customer foremost
  • Solidarity and Teamwork>
  • Sustainability
  • Concern for Staff
  • Faithful to Ethics
  • Loyalty towards institution


“Committed to serve our country through knowledge transfer”

The Major Task of the Directorate is to:

  • Make continuing and distance education accessible to everyone as a starting point for a lifelong learning process.
  • Promote development and implementation of policies, procedures, and effective delivery standards of continuing and distance education.
  • Assist Colleges/Faculties/Schools in ensuring courses offered through continuing and distance education so as to meet overall educational standards of University of Gondar.
  • Develop policies, guidelines and frameworks to ensure the implementation of continuing and distance education programs by academic units.
  • Plan and coordinate the offering of education and training programs through extension (evening/week-ends), summer/kiremit and distance education for short-term training, for capacity building or for imparting knowledge and skills.
     Organize, coordinate and implement programs in continuing and distance education.
  • Ensure equal access to University academic resources for students enrolled in continuing and distance education programs.
  • Oversee the proper execution of rules and regulations of the University regarding teaching-learning process in extension, summer/kiremit and distance education programs.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of guidelines, programs as well as mechanisms for student success and reduction of attrition.
  • Monitor and oversee the appointment process of instructors for continuing education programs as per the legislations and applicable laws.
  • Remain contemporary with regional and national developments
  • Convey the communication of regular information, updates, events, schedules and locations
  • Any supervisory activities to be controlled such as schedules, budgetary issues, deviations etc
  • Carry out additional activities assigned to by the Academic Vice President.
    Contact Person
    Gashaw Tibebe (PhD)
    Director, Continuing and Distance Education Programs
    University of Gondar
    Alternative E-mail:
    Office Phone: +251-58-211-2639
    Gondar, Ethiopia