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University of Gondar Community School
The University of Gondar Community School is an academic institution designed and created by the University of Gondar, Ethiopia as a quality education destination for students ranging from KG (kindergarten) to high school. With its highly trained teachers and friendly faculty UOG Community School has been ranked one of the best schools and sought after educational facilities in Gondar amongst other primary schools.

The University of Gondar Community School, which was founded in 1997, has been elevating in its reach and goal to become the premier school for children in Gondar. When established in 1997 the amount of students were 101 students of which 33 were male and 68 were female. Over this past decade the eagerness to enroll to this top-flight school has increased dramatically changing the whole landscape of the school. At present, there are 1,253 students enrolled at this state of the art institution of which 590 are male and 663 being female. Likewise, according to the latest statistics in 2009 75 competent teachers and 37 administrative staff are employed. In total 115 capable and able staff members are always present at the University of Gondar Community School to cater to the educational needs of the students.

Our school is one like no other giving a close face-to-face interactional learning environment that is suited for this day and age. The class sizes are just proportioned enough so that a personal student teacher relationship can emanate and the best teaching learning circumstance can flourish. In core there are:

Section Breakdown at UOG Community School
 Six (6) sections in Kindergarten
 Seventeen (17) sections in primary school &
 Six (6) sections in high school

We are glad to say that the University of Gondar the Flagship University in Ethiopia is doing its part in catering to the needs of the community. The school has now shown its potential in forming educated and able students that will one day be our leaders and organizers. The youth are our hope for the future. In essence from KG to PHD is the motto and the University of Gondar Community School in full compliance with the University of Gondar is well on its way to help the development of our country by producing such fine individuals.

You can download the charter here (click here to download the charter)

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