Ongoing Research or Projects

Under IPH\

S.no Title Principal Investigator Found Source budget year
1 Economic and health burden of poor water and sanitation and its spatio-temporal trend of risk factors: an approach to implement cost effective environmental interventions, funded by University of Gondar Awrajaw dessie University of Gondar 2018/2019
2 Sustainability and Inclusion of WASH programs and hazard mapping in HDSS sites of University of Gondar Dr. Walelign Worku University of Gondar 2018/2019
3 Indoor Particulate Matters, Microbial Count Assessments and respiratory symptoms among Under-five children’s in Gondar city, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018 Mr. Zewdu Andualem University of Gondar 2018/2019
4 Addressing   maternal, Maternal, Neonatal and child health through innovative approach Abebaw Addis Gelagay UoG 2017-2021
5 Assessment of  common health problems and risky behaviors of young people aged 15-24 in central, west and north Gondar Zone, Ethiopia Alehegn Bishaw Geremew UoG 2018/19
6 ‘Establishing nutritional surveillance system and piloting nutrition interventions in Northwest Ethiopia, Amare Tariku UoG 2016-2021′
7 Mhealth: Building an evidence base to support and enhance community health workers’ (informal) use of mobile phones in Ghana, Malawi and Ethiopia Dr.Kassahun Alemu Global Fund 2018-2020
8 Effect of nutrition on child motor and cognitive development Amare Tariku 2018-2021
9 mHealth 4 Africa Horizon Global fund
10 Improving household survey modules for measuring pregnancy outcomes every newborn action plan partnering with ending preventable maternal mortality.” April, 2017 academic year, granted by University of Gondar VPRCS  Dr. Gashaw Andargie London school Medicine and Hygiene, Makararri University 2016/17
11 Enhanced Community case management to increase access to pneumonia treatment” August, 2015-2019 Dr.Gashaw Andargie WHO 2015
12 Access in primary health care, elderly health service, non-communicable disease and health disparities” in Dabat and Gondar town administration. Dr Asmamaw Atnafu University of Gondar 2018/19
13 Gondar-Touro project for Connecting Ethiopian Woman to Innovative Patient-Centered Cervical Cancer Care Dr Asmamaw Atnafu NIH 2018/19
14 Capacity Building for Female Academic Staff at University of

Gondar:Mentorship collaborative work with Montana University

Mrs. Tsega Hagos University of Gondar and Montana University 2018
15 Developing Ethiopina Excelence for public Health:optimazing Health extension program in Ethiopia Dr. Mezgebu Yitayal London School of Hygiene and tropical medicine 2016
16 Epidemology disability in Dabat  demographic  and health surveillance Dr.Solomon Mekonnen UoG 2014-2019
17 Empowering person with disability in East Africa Dr.Solomon Mekonnen Masster Card foundation 2019-2021
18 Challenges and opportunittes of students with disability Dr.Solomon Mekonnen Masster Card foundation and Queen university 2019-2021
19 CBMP Dr. BinyamTilahun FMOH
20 DDcF Dr. BinyamTilahun
21 DUP Dr. BinyamTilahun
22 SEARCH Dr. BinyamTilahun Norwegian Government


Under school of medicine

  • Leishmaniasis research and treatment center
  • Eye care and treatment center
  • Fistula treatment center
  • Malaria treatment center



Under school of nursing

No Title Principal Investigator Found Source budget year
1 Epidemiology of child hood cancer, in Amhara referral hospital, Ethiopia Chalachew Adugna UoG 2011


Under school of Midwifery


Under biomedical and laboratory science

No Title Principal Investigator Found Source budget year
1 Differences in Plasma Proteomes for Active Tuberculosis, Latent Tuberculosis and Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterial Lung Disease Patients with and without ESAT-6/CFP10 Stimulation (PI) Takele Teklu
2 sIL-6R, a potential biomarker for the discrimination of Mycobecterium tuberculosis complex from Non-tuberculosis mycobacterium (PI) Takele Teklu
3 Association between Nutritional status and Immune response to active tuberculosis diseases in high tuberculosis setting of Ethiopia (Co) Takele Teklu

Under school of Pharmacy

No Title Principal Investigator Found Source budget year
01 Traditional Medicine Project Mr. Abyot Endale UoG 2016-2019
02 A perspective study of Poisoning cases with its management in Amhara region Mr. Getinet Mekuanint UoG 2018-2020