Acknowledging the disabled: UoG conducts a workshop

An event concerning capacity building took place at UoG’s Aluminum Hall on March 10 and 11 2018. The workshop for persons with disabilities focused on psycho social skill, academic competence and gender based violence against female students with disabilities.

The objectives of the workshop were to build capacity of the disabled in the community, enhance psychological treatment and to defend and help themselves from gender inequality and violence in the future.

After the wellcoming speech by Mr. Wondesen Mtiku, who is a lecturer in the Department of Special Needs Inclusive Education (SNIE), Mrs. Meseret Hasen, Dean of the Faculty of Education, opened the workshop with her prudent speaking. Firstly she expressed thanks to the participants and the trainees who are disabled. Mrs. Meseret gave praise to the disabled and their persistence and dedication to be educated. She also advised them to soak in the workshop and to apply, these lessons throughout their life after the training.

In the workshop, Mr. Simachew Tafere, Mr. Kasahun Anteneh, Mr Tarekegn Asnake and Mr. Tewolde G/ Mariam who are lecturers of the Special Needs Inclusive Education program (SNIE) provided the training. In the workshop over 30 disabled students participated.

In the training, 3rd year students, Tairunesh Tsegaw who is from the department of Veterinary Medicine and Abayinesh Melkamu who is from the department of Accounting explained how they felt about the workshop. They stated that “capacity building of the disabled was very good and we must sustain it.”

In closing the workshop, the honorable guests Serste friesbhat, Tsedenya G/Markos, Yigerem Dejenie and others who are well known artists in Ethiopia advised that disability is not a handicap but can be a strength. To brighten their future they advised the students to tell themselves daily that they are not impaired mentally but physically. Therefore their education can make a difference in changing the world. After a question and answer session the training ended with success.

Reported by Belay Mesfin |Public and International Relation|
Edited by Samuel Malede |Public and International Relation|