College of Natural & Computational Sciences

The College of Natural and Computational Sciences, formerly called Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences, was established in 2004, when the College of Medical Science was changed to the level of University. We aim to fill the gap between academia and the working world by offering a sound academic training designed to meet the practical aspects of professional life.

Our College is currently made up of:

  • Department of Applied Biology
  • Department of Applied Chemistry
  • Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Department of Applied Physics
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Applied Statistics
  • Department of Biotechnology and Information Technology
  • Department of Information Systems
  • Department of Information Sciences
  • Department of Geology and Sport Science

At the establishment, our College had only four fields of studies and 270 students supported by 4 staff members from the four departments. Since then we have been able to immensely expand the scope and range of our work.

Our College’s first-rate infrastructure includes an excellent 24-hour library service, up-to-date computer facilities, and organized and enormous laboratory facilities.

Studies at the College meet academic standards with an intensive and extensive practical focus. As per the requirements of the respective courses, students are assigned to do practical works in companies, industries, public authorities, or elsewhere where they can apply and try out what they have learnt in their courses. Our College currently offers 12 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate programs of study.

In higher institutions, research and teaching are inseparable. Taking this fact into consideration, our College has been working on problem-solving researches through its academic staff and students. For this purpose, it is the University’s research grant which covers all the expenses of the academic staff’s research work.

Since its establishment, our academic staff members have been conducting research works addressing various issues and problem areas. Their research findings are published in different reputable journals. The fact that our university has given a considerable attention for research works and the improvement of research infrastructure inspires our academicians to carry out rigorous research works in different problem areas of the society.

If you would like to learn more about our activities please contact:

Dr Ayalew Temesgen
Job Title:
Dean, College of Natural and Computational Sciences
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