College of Business and Economics

Our Mission

The College of Business and Economics is dedicated to producing competent, passionate, ethical and innovative professionals of business, finance, economics, marketing, tourism and hotel that contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation through quality education, relevant research and community service.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading center of excellence in the country in the areas of Business, and Economics by 2020.


As its core activity, on the teaching and training activity, in College of Business and Economics both undergraduate and graduate programs do exist well over a significant period and with a considerable contribution to the country’s human capital accumulation and growth especially in areas of Business and Economics.

Established in 2001 as the Faculty of Management Sciences and Economics, our college has been steadily expanding. In line with our vision and considering the growing demand for qualified and well-trained business professionals, our college launched degree programs in Accounting, Business management and Economics , both regular and extension programs in 2002. The college started a new under graduate training program in Tourism Management in the academic year 2003/2004. Our University was the first university in Ethiopia to launch Tourism Management degree program. In 2005, we launched Marketing Management as the fifth undergraduate degree program.

With the expansion of higher education and the need for highly specialized manpower in the country, the College of Business and Economics has launched post graduate programs in Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Economics (MSc) with two specializations Development Economics and Policy Analysis (MSc) and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (MSc). in January, 2010 and Masters in Tourism and Heritage Management (MA) in 2011. Two more post graduate programs in Accounting and Finance (MSc) and Marketing Management (MA) were launched in January 2011 and in September 2011 respectively. The sixth new undergraduate program, hotel management, was launched and started training with 30 students for the first time.

College of Business and Economics currently has a number of programs. There are more than 150 academic staff and more than 40 administrative staff working in the college. The college enrolls currently close to 4881 students in regular program and in continuing education program. The college since its establishment has graduated more than 4500 students in its regular program and 300 in its continuing education program. Currently our college offers seven undergraduate programs in Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Economics, Tourism Management, Marketing Management, Hotel management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. These programs are being offered in Regular, Extension, summer and Distance programs. Seven postgraduate programs in Accounting and Finance, Management, Economics, Tourism and Heritage Management, Marketing management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management are also being offered by the college in Regular, Extension and summer programs.

We are under way to open PhD program in Economics and Management in 2016/17 academic year. In this regard the workshop to validate the PhD proposal in both disciplines by internal and external reviewers is successfully conducted. We also have a plan to launch postgraduate programs in Public Administration, and Banking and Finance.

Programs for College of Business and Economics

Undergraduate Program

  • BA in Management
  • BA in Marketing Management
  • BA in Logistics and Supplies Chain Management
  • BA in Accounting and Finance
  • BA in Tourism Management
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BA in Economics

Masters Program

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Development Economics and Policy Analysis (MSc)
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (MSc)
  • Marketing Management (MA)
  • Accounting and Finance (MA)
  • Masters in Tourism and Heritage Management (MA)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MA)

Staff Profile

There are more than 134 academic staffs of which 28 of them are BA holders, 74 of them are MSc holders, 12 of them are PhD holders and 20 of them are PhD candidates. Supporting the teaching learning strand there are more than 40 administrative staff working in our college. (The profile of every staff member is attached)


College of Business and Economics currently is organized into six Departments and one School. School of economics comprising of three departments and one research unit; Department of Economics (which offers BA in economics), Department of Development Economics and Policy Analysis, Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Economic Policy Research Center (which aims frequent research outputs, different training, consultancy services and so on).

  • School of Economics
  • Department Accounting and Finance
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Tourism Management
  • Department of Marketing Management
  • Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Department of Hotel Management 

School of Economics

Established in 2004 as one of the department in faculty of management science and economics and offers undergraduate courses and also give common courses for the departments in the college and outside the college like faculty of natural science and computational science, social science and school of technology. In January 2010 the department has been started providing postgraduate program with two specializations in development economics and policy analysis as well as natural resource and environmental economics. With the approval of the senate in 2014 department of economics is upgrade in to school of economics comprising of department of economics (which offers BA in economics), department of development economics and policy analysis, department of environmental and natural resource economics and the newly established economic policy research center (which aims frequent research outputs, different training’s, consultancy services and so on).

Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

The Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) was founded in June 2014 as an economic policy research arm of the School of Economics in University of Gondar. The center envisages creating an organized platform for policy analysis and debate, collectively, by researchers, policy makers, development partners, the business community and the general public. Emphasis is given to cutting-edge research on key policy issues to provide research-based evidence to the government in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its policies.

The CEPR aspires to become a credible policy research unit by 2020, distinguished for its critical policy analysis in building Ethiopia capable of driving its economic transformation through efficient private sector choices, auspicious economic policies and a strong state with inclusive institutions. To realize this broad aspiration; the CEPR expects to work closely with all concerned stakeholders that are active in policy research, policy making and leadership.

By creating auspicious platform for researchers, policy makers, students and the general public to debate policy making, the CEPR will institute a ‘realistic integration of learning, research and community service’. By doing so, the center aims to become a host for leading researchers and policy makers to do policy research; undertake consultancy services, policy advocacy and facilitates policy debates among stakeholders; give new meaning to learning economics; towards supporting the country’s aspiration of becoming a middle income country by 2025. More precisely, the center will contribute in, at least, three fronts. On policy making, policy research will enrich policy making by filling fundamental voids policy analysis and the huge lacuna of trading policy research for less informed political choices. On capacity, the center will create an opportunity to promote research capacity of individuals, the parental university (UoG) and the country thereof. Finally, the center will foster high level learning, bridge infrastructural gaps and integration of teaching, research and community service for it will serve as important entry point to collaborators and the university. The center values pragmatic internal and external collaborations while maintaining high level of academic and research integrity.


Staff profile

The school of economics currently has 5 PhD (one professor, 4 associate professors) holders, 9 PhD candidates and three assistance professors, 14 Master Degree holders and many assistant lecturers. To make its activities multidisciplinary and provide benefits to other departments, the center will also work with other disciplines and use their staff members.

Department of Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting, established in 2001, in its part, has been contributing towards meeting the country’s demand for trained human resource in the areas of accounting, auditing and finance. From its establishment to date, the department has graduated more than 1,500 diploma and first degree graduates in accounting. The department is, presently, one of the seven departments in the CBE that offers undergraduate level teaching in the regular, extension and distance programs. It also offers supportive courses to five departments and one school such as department of Economics, Management, Marketing Management, and Tourism Management, Information System and School of Pharmacy.

The department has been doing its best with all its capacity to meet the ever-growing demand for qualified manpower in the area of accounting and finance at undergraduate level. In addition to this, the Department has been working different tasks for the last couple of months to start a graduate program. Considering the prevailing economic and social changes taking place in the country, the department has now planned to play a better role in such an endeavor through launching new programs and realigning its existing curriculum in light of emerging needs and situations. The department, considering the need for educated people at higher level of education, also lunched MSc. in Accounting and Finance in 2010. This MSc. program is offered in a regular, extension and summer programs.

Department of Management

Department of Management, the former business management department has been established as one of the other former departments of college of business and economics by offering diploma both regular and extension program in 2001.

When the department established at the first time, it operates its activity by only five instructors, all were first degree holder.

With the implementation of the new Educational Policy of the country, starting in the 2003/2004 Academic Year, three year curriculum has been developed and it is being offered to students that have been admitted from preparatory programs.  In the preparation of the curriculum, as per the instruction of the Universities and Ministry of Education, a discussion was made with universities that offer management education.

When the current management curriculum was designed, attempt was made to integrate suggestions from various stakeholders. Suggestions from these sources indicated that new courses emphasizing computer skills, human resource management knowledge, communication skills, and leadership skills would be desirable.

Realizing contributions of other stakeholders (students, communities) for enhancement of contemporary management in the country, we have also enough staff development and availed our standardized teaching process.

Currently, the department offer regular undergraduate and postgraduate, extension undergraduate and postgraduate, distance undergraduate and summer postgraduate programs with more than 1,800 students. 

In addition, the department provides flexible teaching approach in the summer and for weekend students. Because, we know balancing education and other priorities are important, our academic schedule easy to progress at a pace that suits students’ goal and lifestyle.

In the department of Management, we’ve built a highly responsive curriculum that directly addresses “the business of students.” It is a career-oriented approach serving the unique needs of working students and focused squarely on competencies employers are demanding. Our flagship BA and MBA Management program allow you to tailor your interests and goals. In addition, those degree programs offerings expand the range of learning to some of today’s most in-demand disciplines.

Department of Tourism Management

Ethiopia is one of the least developing nations in Africa despite its rich profile of natural and human resources. The government of Ethiopia is strongly determined to unlock this paradox through education in its age old and emerging universities. University of Gondar is one among the universities that have risen to a university level from the previous colleges. The University of Gondar has been well known for producing competent and community oriented professionals for the last 60 years.

Since 2001, the then College of Medical and Health Science has been given due emphasis by the government and has been officially upgraded to university level in June 2004, as part of the Education Sector Development Plan. New faculties have been launched; one of which is the Faculty of Management Science and Economics.

The Faculty of Management Science and Economics was established in 2001, as the first faculty of the new University. During its establishment, the faculty was designed to meet the ever-growing demand for qualified and well-trained manpower in the area of Business Management, Accounting and Economics.

Considering the countries demand of getting well skilled professionals in diversified fields, the faculty has started a new training in Tourism Management, initiated, coordinated and established by the Netherlands expatriate, Mrs. Annemik, in the academic year 2003-2004. By this, the University of Gondar has become the first university in Ethiopia to launch a Tourism Management degree-program. As the university by itself is located at the heart of tourism center, in Gondar, Tourism Management is expected to be Center of Excellence for the University.

The Center for Tourism Studies has found a unique place in the spectrum of Tourism education, research, training and consultancy across Ethiopia. The Department has been doing a commendable work in imparting value added and innovative tourism, travel and hospitality subjects in Degree level.

After closely analyzing the status of tourism in Ethiopia and its development it has been understood that, there is a great deal of demand for the master’s program in tourism in the professional world. Considering the need, the department started a master’s program in Tourism and Heritage Management in the academic year 2010/2011.

This master’s program in Tourism and Heritage Management has been designed to meet the demands of the middle and senior level managerial positions in some of the multinational travel, tourism and hospitality companies across the country. Some of them are entrepreneurs, educators and researchers.

The Master’s program aims to provide students from a range of backgrounds, with an advanced critical understanding of the interrelationships between Tourism, Heritage, Environment, Development and Management with special reference to the distinctive political, social and economic environments.

To pursue its aim transforming the department to institute level, in 2011/2012 academic year, the department added a new BA degree program in Hotel Management program, which is now independently functioning as one of the departments in College of Business and Economics.

In 2011/12 due to its overall outstanding performance, the University of Gondar recognized the department as best department of the year. Currently, the department is running as one department under the college of Business and Economics with BA degree in Tourism Management and Master’s in Tourism and Heritage Management.

MICE Tourism or (University of Gondar Tourism Week Celebration)

The first time in the history of the department of tourism management, event or tourism week celebration was introduced in 2007 by Philippine expatriate Mr. Rogelio P, Flores. Jr. with students of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE) tourism group 1 & 2 for the academic year 2006-2007. The theme of the first ever event was “Tourism Enriches Lives” and was dedicated to   Ato Habte Selassie Tafesse, the father of Ethiopian tourism. 

Mr. Rogelio P, Flores. Jr. was the pioneer of tourism week celebration in the department who initiated the idea, took the responsibility in staging event (Tourism week celebration) in the history of University of Gondar and in Ethiopian Universities as well.

The event was held from January 1-5, 2007 with aim of highlighting the significance of tourism in enriching the lives of people and the society through academic, co-curricular and community involvement activities; which are the key aspects stated in the University’s mission. This very first event served as a model for the subsequent events and become an annual activity of the department.

The same person ( Mr. Rogelio), in 2008, has staged, event 2008, second tourism week celebration on a bigger, better and more colorful celebration compared to first event (Event 2007), with the students’ for the academic year 2007-2008.

The adviser and organizer of the event this time tried to notice the contribution of the department for the past 4 year since its establishment in 2003. As a result, the theme of the event was DOTM @ 4: Empowering Tourism Culture, values and Instruction.

Compared to the first two events there comes another change. After Mr. Rogelio left the department, a new Indian expatriate, Mr. Ananth Tamilmaniarasu, took over the responsibility of staging the event. Taking this big responsibility the said person staged the third tourism week celebration with the students for the academic year 2008-2009.

Event 2009 aiming at showing the role of tourism in bringing the world together through its diversity has chosen a theme Tourism Bringing the World Together Thorough its Diversity.” Compared to the first two events the third tourism week celebration was bigger, better and more colorful. This event was dedicated to Mrs. Annemik, the founder of the department of Tourism management, University of Gondar. Mr. Ananth Tamilmaniarasu was the organizer who adopt Mr. and Ms. Mack rock tourism competition, a funny entertainment education program where students compete pretending their opposite sex.

Event 2010 was the 4th University of Gondar tourism week celebration. Like the first three events it has a theme which says “Tourism: respecting cultural Diversity and preserving heritages.” It was dedicated to Mr. Rogelio P, Flores. Jr., the pioneer of tourism week celebration in the department. The first three events week were confined within the faculty of Management Science’s and Economics, celebrated to the department level at Maraki campus. However, event 2010 was celebrated at university level in collaboration with Gondar city Administration Culture, Tourism, Labor and Social affairs department at Tewodros campus, following the transfer of the faculty of Business and Economics. 

In addition, a new program like hotels competition in modern and traditional dishes introduced and it is this time Design shows by students started. Moreover, compared to the last three events, event 2010 was more successful and was considered as one big phenomenon that magnified the image of the department and the university at large. On top of the above, this event was the first tourism week attended by state minister, W/ro Tadelech Dalecho, from Ministry of Culture and Tourism and all the University of Gondar top managements. Unlike the first three events or tourism week celebrations advised and organized by expatriates from Philippines and India this event was advised and organized by Ethiopian national called Mr. Engdu Gebrewold, when, off course, Ethiopians took the responsibility of hosting Tourism week celebration.

The 5th university of Gondar tourism week celebration, Event 2011, like the four previous events it has a theme which says ‘Tourism: Promotes Art!’ Like the forth tourism week, it was organized by Gondar university in collaboration with Gondar city culture- tourism department, north Gondar zone culture and tourism department. Like the fourth tourism week celebrations, it was advised and organized by an Ethiopian Mr. Yohannes Negash.

Event 2012 is the sixth University of Gondar tourism week celebration held from January 1-8, 2012. It was staged by university of Gondar in collaboration with Gondar city Culture-Tourism department, north Gondar zone culture-tourism department, Amhara Regional State Culture-tourism and parks’ development office. The theme of the event was “sustainable tourism for integrated development! It was advised and organized Mr. Leul Yohannes. In addition, a new program like designers contest was introduced. Moreover, compared to the last five events, event 2012 was big in terms of scope, media coverage and celebrity host (Artist Tebebu Workiye, Artist Mewded Kibru, Artist Mastewal Eyayu and Artist Simon Tsegaye from Ethiopica link ).

Event 2013 is the seventh University of Gondar tourism week celebration held from January 14 -18, 2012. It was staged by University of Gondar in collaboration with Gondar city Culture-Tourism department, North Gondar Zone Culture-Tourism department, Amhara Regional State Culture-Tourism and Parks’ development office and the private tourism related enterprises in Gondar city. The theme of the event was “Heritage Conservation for sustainable development! The theme was developed to emphasize and indicate the significance of conserving heritage resources, which are the backbones of the tourism industry, for the overall sustainable development of the country.  This year, the dedication was given to Grazmach Nadewu Woretawu who initiated the idea of conserving and sustainably using Semein Mt National park’s biodiversity for the first time by taking and presenting live Waliya Ibex to Addis Ababa in front of Emperor Haileselassie and revealing the status and the serious threats of poaching wild animals and  cutting trees in the area where there was little awareness and understanding about the biodiversity in general and tourism resources in particular and laid the corner stone for the present day Semien mountain national park to be registered as UNESCO world heritage site and to move past to the next generation. It was Advised and organized by Mr. Yetnayet Getu.

Event 2014 University of Gondar Tourism week celebration is celebrated in cooperation with the following organizations: University of Gondar (the sole organizer), Gondar city Culture and Tourism office (co-organizer), Gondar administrative zone culture and tourism office (co-organizer), Amhara regional state culture, tourism and park development bureau (co-organizer), The private tourism related businesses and enterprises in Gondar and Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT). The theme of the event was “Tourism Promotes Indigenous Cultures” and dedicated to the “Burbuax Community” who are known for their Traditional Music. Same to the previous event the programs and competions were same but four staff (Mr. Yechale Mehiret, Mr. Slomon Lingerih, Mr. Ashenafi Tafesse and Mr. Engdu Gebrewold) co-operatively advised and organized the event. It was celebrated colorfully and as it was held during the days of University of Gondar Diamond jubilee celebration, it was used as part of the celebration.  During this event, public figures such as Artist Tigist Weyiso and Mewided Kibiru were present.

Event 2016, the 9th University of Gondar annual tourism week celebration took place from December 28, 2015 to January 01, 2016 with the theme of “Tourism for Image Building”. The event dedicated to Ras Leul Mengesha Seyoum Mengesha for his invaluable contribution for the establishments beautiful Ethiopian cities such as Hawassa, Mekelle and Bahir Dar. He also contributed a lot for the construction of tourism facilities and infrastructures which latter contributed for the development of tourism in Ethiopia.  

Event 2016 was celebrated in collaboration with;

  • University of Gondar, Department of Tourism Management ( the sole organizer),
  • Gondar city Culture and Tourism department (co-organizer),
  • Gondar administrative zone culture and tourism department (co-organizer),
  • Amhara regional state culture, tourism and parks development bureau (co-organizer)
  • The private tourism related businesses and enterprises in Gondar
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) and
  • University of Gondar Culture and Art Centre

It was the most colorful tourism week celebration as compared to the previous events that took place. It is the only event where the dedicatee of the event attended the program for the first time. The president (Dr. Desalegn Mengesha), all the vice presidents of the University of Gondar (Dr. Yinges Alemu, Dr. Takele Tadesse, Ato Solomon Abrha, Ato Wondwossen Kassahun), deans, directors, department heads and staffs of the university attended the event from the opening to the closing ceremony. Invited guests such as Ato Assefa Kesito, Head of the office of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ato Yitbarek Demilew, the president of the Amhara Regional State Universities’ forum, representatives from different Universities of Ethiopia, and regional zonal and woreda tourism office representatives and students from all campuses of the university were also part of the program. In addition to these, a renowned Ethiopian professor and advocator of Ethiopianism, Mamo Muche attended all the programs. 

Renowned artists such as Bereket Bekele (Filfilu), Shewaferahu Desalegn, Esayas Tamirat (Balageru Idol 2nd place winner), Solomon Demile (Neyma) and Nardos Tegegn (Miss Ehiopia 2015) were also presented in the program. 

All members of the department of tourism management fully participated for the successful completion the 9th annual tourism week celebration. Mr. Engdu Gebrewold was the chairperson of event 2016, whereas Mr. Yechale Mihret and Mr. Ashenafi Tafese served as the vice chairpersons of the event. The rest staffs of the department were facilitators of different committees.

Even though, there might be addition in each event the following Programs during the event are the most common:

  • Cleaning campaign
  • Cultural carnival (Parade)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Exhibition
  • Cultural show and Traditional Dance Contest
  • Mr and Ms Tourism University of Gondar
  • Mr and Ms Mock rock (a funny entertainment education program where students compete pretending their opposite sex)
  • Inter departmental quiz bee
  • Drawing contest
  • Most promising Hotel and Restaurant Competition

Links and Partnerships

Department of Tourism Management works:

  1. Center for Tourism studies of Hokkaido University, Japan to save the endangered natural world heritages, Semien Mountains National park. The project is aimed at enhancing and improving the livelihoods of the local communities and conserving the resources of the park.
  2. The department has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH) on March 25, 2014 to prepare a management plan for Gondar and its environs.
  3. Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Salzburg, Austria
  4. Netherlands Senior Experts (PUM)
  5. Minnesota State University, USA
  6. North Gondar Administrative Zone Culture and Tourism office.

Department of Hotel Management

To pursue its aim transforming the department of Tourism Management into an institute level and, considering the countries demand of getting well skilled professionals in diversified fields, in 2011/2012 academic year, it has started a new training in Hotel Management Degree program. On its inception this department was together with the department of Tourism Management. But, currently it is functioning as a separate department. The department of Hotel management is also planning to lunch master’s program in the coming academic year (2016/17).

Department of Marketing Management and Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The Department of Marketing Management was established in 1998 E.C (2005 G.C) by Mr. Mulugeta Negash (Department Head) and Mr. Fantaye Kassa and launched its work with three permanent and other foreign and native contract work teachers by receiving 125 under graduate students with the aim of producing qualified marketing professionals to meet the needs of private, government & non-government organizations . However, before the department was formally established in degree program, it starts its activity by providing Diploma program in Marketing Management to evening students by assigned coordinator since 2001. The department is also further expanding its activity by offering distance education. The department in its part has been contributing towards meeting the country’s demand for trained human resource in the area of sales & marketing management. From its establishment to date, the department has graduated a number of students   in diploma, first-degree and second-degree graduates in Marketing Management. The department is presently one of the seven departments in College of Business and Economics that offers graduate level teaching in the regular and distance program. It also offers supportive courses to Management & Accounting departments.

By recognizing the initiation of the government in capacity building and overall reform programs that need knowledge and skill-based marketing management, the department proposed and started postgraduate study by receiving 10 regular and 18 extension students in 2010 G.C with the aim of equipping the students with high quality education, knowledge, attitude and skills in various aspects of Marketing Management to produce competent and highly skilled Marketing professionals so as to equip the industry with contemporary global expertise.  This program creates training opportunity for teachers assigned at government as well as private universities, and for private, governmental and non-governmental organizations that need to use highly trained marketing professionals in order to remain competitive at the local, national and global levels, working different tasks for the last couple of months to start a graduate program.

Currently, the department has 434 students including all distance, under graduate and postgraduate students from this, the department will graduate a total 92 students (4-distance undergraduate, 71 regular under graduate and 13 postgraduate students) in this year (2014).

Logistics and Supply Chain department profile

The department was established in 2005 E.C (2013 G.C) by all academic staff member of Marketing Management and launched its normal operation on September 2013 G.C with the aim of producing Logistics and supply chain Management professionals for all types of organization at the same time because of world economic growth our country now on the growth truck which demand large number of logistics and supply chain managers that play their own role for  the continuity of this growth, especially when the scare number of professionals on the areas (transportation, purchasing, logistics, port operation, value chain and soon) and the industrial growth where not balanced.


After, the department of Marketing Management, launching its operation it has established a link with different stakeholders who encompasses business and non-business organization with the aim of achieving mutual benefit in different aspects. Our partners with whom we are working currently are Dashen Brewery S.C and Northern Gondar traffic bureau especially participation through performing different social marketing activities with the later one. We are awarded a certificate of recognition on April 6, 2013 G.C. The department has strong desire to create collaborative relation with different government and nongovernmental organizations in the future and it is on process.

Research and Community Services

Setting its vision to ‘becoming the leading societal problem solving university in the country by 2020’, UoG has a strong mission of contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the nation through the provision of societal needs tailored education, undertaking problem based research and rendering relevant community services. Hence, our college has so far worked out by integrating learning, research and community service.

Following the adoption of BPR, the college has identified three research thematic areas and more than 200 research and community service projects have been implemented successfully. In 2015/16 the college updates the thematic research areas in a manner of Mega research depends on the output of GTP I and Input of GTP II. For the year 2015/16, 16 research proposals were submitted by the academic staff members from the various departments within the college, eventually, the 12 top research proposals and 5 community service project proposals were selected for implementation as per the requirements stipulated in the university’s research proposal guideline. In addition, in our college various other externally funded research, consultancy and community service projects were implemented. 

Contact us

Contact address

Haimanote Belay, Asst. Professor of Marketing Management

Dean, College of Business and Economics

Telephone: office: +251-058-811-9037

Mobile Phone: +251912341236

Po.Box: 196


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