President’s Message

With a rapidly expanding economy propelling us on the road towards global integration, Ethiopia is in urgent need of more young, highly educated and well-trained talents to act as the driving force behind our national advancement goals.

The University of Gondar is located 65 kms North from Lake Tana where the Blue Nile starts, in the town of Gondar, Ethiopia. It was founded in 1954 as Public Health Training College, then the first of its kind in the country. In 2004, including other facilities, it has become a full privileged University. We are the largest and most distinguished university in Ethiopia, with a long and proud history of educational achievement and service. Currently we have 5 Faculties, 3 Schools and 1 college with more than 21,000 students. Students are distributed in 54 undergraduate and 64 graduate programs.

As a national University corporation supported by the Ethiopian Government, our University is committed to fulfilling its public responsibility through academic research and by fostering new talent, thus providing a reliable compass to the future. With strong roots in community service our University endeavors to provide society with a high quality of human resources through its innovative academic and research programs.

Home to the oldest medical college in the country we have a longstanding tradition of providing outstanding medical education to prospective physicians and health team graduates. As we expand and move forwards into the future we are committed to ensuring that the University maintains its reputation as the center of excellence in health, biotechnology and tourism. A commitment that guarantees highly capable graduates for the benefit of our country.

As we forge ahead into an increasingly interconnected and globalised world, we continue to strengthen our connections with the international community. We have ensured our relevance in the international arena by forging reciprocal agreements with over 20 universities in 10 countries. Thereby allowing us to strengthen academic, research and experience sharing by exchanging of students and visiting professors.

I believe that through the creation of knowledge, quality education and a close association with society, now more than ever the University of Gondar must fulfill its public responsibility towards the brighter future of Ethiopia and of the world. As a  cornerstone of human knowledge, the University of Gondar, with its abundant conceptual powers, stands determined to forge ahead on the pathway to that future.

Dr. Desalegn Mengesha ,

President, University of Gondar